Tuesday, December 20, 2011

turkeys,christmas tree farms

I found these four sitting here the morning after thanksgiving. 

reading with Apa

"Gordon the train...a gold dress"

no one cried this year! not ever me.

Backing up...starting with pumpkins, apples, and costumes

 Impecable timing. I write a post about having no picture and then I get my sister in laws camera and it is loaded with pictures from every one of those things. We have apple, costumes, tree farms, thanksgiving, school field trips, school concerts, santa and even a shot of all four of us. (I may need to Photoshop a few together to actually get one decent one but its better than nothing)

So as to not overwhelm, I am going to start out slow and add over the next few days. I thought early fall was a good place to start. Here we are at an apple orchard with Adi's school.


my handsome husband and his identical twin brother (not really but don't they look just alike? they are actual brothers though)

Belay was NOT ok with a group shot.
ugg I need a haircut

Ok, getting better. At least all four are touching each other.

Much better. Why is it they always turn out better when no one is looking at the camera?

Onto Halloween. Adi was a bride. We thought we might be strawberry short cake but when the time happened she was just way to worried that she would not be beautiful enough.  So, bride it was. And she was beautiful. I even made the veil the morning of the party thanks to a friend who pulled through in a time of need with some old lace curtains and a hot glue gun.

Blushing Bride. Notice her something blue?

the pre-k/k class. and little Belay as Rapunzel.

When push came to shove, he just couldn't give up his dream of being Rapunzel. But the wig wasn't gonna fly.

How awesome is this R2-D2 costume? Totally hand made.

Dorothy ( another awesome hand made costume)  and the bride

one of my favorite. One of the teacher with Adi and Padme. I love Adi's face here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Blame it on the camera

Beautiful fall hike, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, Halloween costume, trick or treating, Thanksgiving day, cutting down the Christmas tree, decorating the Christmas tree, sitting on Santa's lap, wearing matching holiday clothes, school Christmas concerts...These are all awesome things to take pictures of huh? And to even blog about.

I don't have a single photo of any of these things. Nope, not one single photo. But I do have the memories and that's all that matters, right?  

Who are we kidding, photos are way more memorable than memories.

I'm blaming it on my camera. If it were fancy I'd take more pictures. On the other hand if my crappy camera ever had a fully charged battery and/or the memory card in it, maybe I'd take pictures too.

The kids are being kids. A lot of whining, a lot of crying, a lot of fighting. 

Adi got her first "report card". Its the cutest thing I've ever read. Apparently she has learned all sorts of things the last few months. Including Egypt, Africa, Lewis and Clark, basic addition, letter recognition, sounding out letters, handwriting. She has made some amazing dioramas. The only thing she wants to do is "projects " Any and all kinds of projects. alldaylongeveryday. I could probably get rid of every single toy except glue sticks, scissors, craft paper, crayons. 

Belay has mastered preschool for itty bitty boys. He can officially sit in the hall and wait his turn to go outside, he can wait his turn to grab at all the arts and crafts supplies, he apparently only gives black eye's to his sister. He can spit, fly like super man, and climb like spider man.  He has a tie. He feel mighty powerful in that tie and wears it most days.

We are getting ready for the holidays around here. Just a lot of hanging out, listening to music, and seeing our friends and family. Maybe I'll even take some pictures.