Monday, September 26, 2011

Summers end

I love that on September 26th you can wake up and put on a sweater and jacket and be in a sundress by 2:30 and sweating at the park.
I surprised the kids with a quick trip to their favorite park on the way home from school. They were so excited,especially Belay who really misses Adi during the day.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

thoughts on today

First off, I had a really long To-Do list and I did a lot of what was on it.  That hasn't happened in a while, so three cheers for me.

Belay told me he couldn't eat his brocolli at lunch because it made his back hurt. Hmmm...he had me for about 10 sec then I smarted up and threated him with missing daddy's baseball game. That worked.

We finally had the chance to go to one of Andy's last baseball games. The kids love going, and there are usually other nice moms to talk to and kids for the kids to play with so its a win-win-win.

I had a half marathon last week and it went well. It's a really tough course, super hilly, both steep and long.  I took 5 min off my time from two years ago and 15 min off my time from the first one I ever did (years ago). I felt strong all the way until mile 12.  Mile 12 is up hill until the finish and herds of men passed me and it sucked.  I got 222nd over all at 1:45:01 (out of 1300 runners?? I think) 30th for the women and 8th in my age group. So. all in all I was pleased. Yes, I'm  obsessed with the hard facts of the race and just slightly competitive. I can help it, I truly can't. Because you know what would have made me really happy? Breaking 1:40, yes taking 10 min off my last PR. So, now I may have to go out a do another one in a few weeks.

I had a great cheering section at the finish line including my nieces and brother and sister in law. Of course Andy and the kids were there. (Miserable, cold, wet and not super excited to see me).  It was shockingly cold and raining, great for running, not great for moments after the run and/or for spectators.

Adi told me she was working on a Christmas present for Apa-Apa (my grampa) Who passed away when Adi was 2.  That lead to our first true conversation about death and she got pretty shook up by it. When I thought we were in the clear she'd bust out with "but Apa-Apa is gonna miss Christmas and ALL the holidays"  and then " are Padme and Maya gonna die? I don't want my cousins to die." The kid holds onto things, she was really clingy to Andy after the conversation and highly sensitive.  It breaks my heart to think of her worrying in bed at night about her great grampa missing Christmas cause he is dead.  I might add that Adi's cousin asked her on Friday if she could have her headband when she died, so guess it's some what of a hot topic around the 3 yr olds? 

On a cheerier note(is that a word?) we finally have curtains in the house. Most of the windows now have those white papierish blinds that you push up with one finger and don't have any strings. They are awesome and blend in so nicely. During the day we still have all the beauty of the huge sunny windows, but when it gets dark we aren't in a fish bowel anymore. Yeah!

I really need to take pictures of the new house and post them, so maybe I will actually clean the house this week and then do it. Cause no one wants to see what our house looks like in real life, do they?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to stand out in a crowd

  Home girl knows how to flare up a boring old uniform.(A few butterflies in the hair, a couple of extra ponytails, a pair of 18 month striped tights...)

And apparently how to properly pose for an "about to walk in late to school" photo shoot.

Somethings Adi is learning at school 

1. That there is something called 'star wars' and there is a princess named Leia in it. (music to daddy's ear)
2. how to draw some awesome pictures.

3. how to stand out in a crowd of blue and white.

4. To maybe not be so "handsie" with the other kids (what can I saw, we are a bit of a handsie family, but I guess not every kids wants to have their back rubbed by Adi;)

5.How to acquire as many stickers as possible for helping clean up.

6. How to not nap but sit quietly at nap time(obviously her least favorite time of day, but again she come from a family of "not satisfactory" nappers) 

Truly, she is having a blast and doing what any 3 1/2 year old should be doing, learning through play!  We are all loving her school and not just cause Daddy is the principal!
This guy is doing just fine too!  Preschool is good for him so far, I think.
There are still tears at drop off everyday but at least they don't start in the car like they used to. His teachers say he stops crying as soon as I leave (guess he needs mom to know who's having the last word on this matter). 

He talks about some friends at school and its so cute, the thought of little Belay having his own friends. I think what he loves best is that no one forces him to eat his lunch. He proudly announces when we get in the car  "Bay no eat yunch" with a giant smile on his face. Ehh, whats  a girl supposed to do with that one, besides feed him that same lunch for every meal here on out until its gone. Not that I would ever do such a thing. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My little school girl

                                                    First day of Pre- kindergarden for Adi.

                                               So excited to be going to school with Daddy finally.

                                And both her cousins. And to have her Aunt as one of her teachers. 

We are on to the 3rd week and all is well. Except that I MISS her like crazy. I keep trying to convince her to stay home, but she never falls for it. I did bring her home after a half day last friday when Belay and I meet her a school for  "pizza day/fun friday". Mainly because I didn't think I had the energy to drive back 2 hrs later to pick her up. Moments after getting home and getting Belay in bed I regretted the decision.