Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am boring my child to death. I know I know Mom you don't need to say anything.Like mother like daughter.

She announced in the car on the way home from preschool yesterday

"Mom, everywhere I go with you I am soooo bored".

Thats it, just that. Once little sentence out of the blue to let me know what she's thinking.

Thank god she has friends to save her my my endless boredom.

Monday, January 24, 2011

100th post

Well, it took me a whole year to get to 100 posts.  But now that I'm here why not share the last few weeks.
Adi is officially a ballerina. It took a few tries but once she worked up the courage(and had a good night sleep) she ran right into the studio and skipped and flipped and leaped and jumped for 45 whole minutes. When she was done and the door opened to the meager spectators, she came bounding out like she had just won an Olympic gold. She hugged and kissed and chattered on and on about all the moves she learned and what a good shoe tyer her teacher was.
later, at home, she had to spend the evening on the couch because her legs were hurting. What a girl!
 Onto the birthdays. February is the month of birthdays in this family. All the girls(Adi and her 2 cousins) are all a week a part. So to continue on with my not so crafty craftiness left over from attempting to make most of the Christmas presents, I thought I give birthdays a go too.Here we have little mini clip board from the target dollar bin transformed into portable art tables. They started out as plain janes and with the help of a little scrapbook paper and mod podge they turned out pretty cool. Mini legal pads clip in perfectly.

 Maya's. Hence the "M" and her favorite color is blue. I think this one turned out the best. I love how the colors look together.
 Adi's, again with the "A". Love the little hearts, but purple(her fav) didn't mesh as well as the blues.

And finally, Padme's. Some sweet air ballons and a sparkly purple "P". What else could a girl ask for.
These, along with some other treasure will go into handmade "treasure"boxes made from Clementine boxes. We've been going through those delicious little guys like candy and the boxes seemed to good to throw away.

What else...Oh here are some shots of Belay when he has a little spout of Periorbital cellulitis and scarlet fever. His face blew up and resulted in this Avatarish brow line. Poor guy, that was a rough week. 
 Need a before and after to really see?

Ok, maybe it was worse in real life. Anyways, he didn't look like my kid. No Ma'ma (as Adi would say)!
And today kicked off the week with Andy wrecking the car. The pitiful snowfall last night left a dusty of snow but apparently a sheet of ice too. He slid right down our hill and right onto the main road and right into another car. So now we get to get cozy all week while driving daddy to work and picking him up(because I'm sure a heck not being ditch without a car all week).

Well, there is one more awesome thing that happened this week. I finally did it. I've been talking about it for a year, at least. After 5 years of carrying this mop around with me I cut it all off and I feel GREAT. This change came at the exact right time.
Its the best i could do with a cell phone, myself, and a bathroom mirror. I swear its cute.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I told myself don't forget over and over for the last week.  Jan 10th is our referral anniversary and I had big plans to celebrate.  At least I had big plans to make a blog post out of it and maybe a facebook shout out. I failed on all three.

So what, I'm a day late and a dollar short but that doesn't change the fact that a year ago today I woke up with this giddiness inside. I had a son, a beautiful healthy one.  A year ago today I rushed to Kinko's where I made a thousand copies of this photo. I showed anyone who would look.  I sent them off to grammas and aunts.I framed it and placed a few through out the house.  This one photo changed our lives.  We stared at this one photo for at least a month before we had any other picture, updates or videos.  This was all we had to hang onto for what felt like eternity.
 We said yes to this little face. It seems like yesterday. Funny how time works, because the 4 months until we brought him home were the longest 4 months of our lives. 
Happy First referralversary Belay Andrew. Thanks for choosing us, we love you.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

On Christmas

Christmas Came. I got sick. Adi got the Olivia Play house. Belay smiled, a lot. We got snowed in. Parties got canceled. Plans got changed. We rolled with the punches. We saw all our family. Santa did not get any cookies and milk. The Rain deer got no food.  The dogs ate the " twas the night before Christmas" book so that didn't get read. Peppermint bark did not get made.  My house did not get clean. My sticky buns were delicious. Our family had it's first Christmas morning at home with just the four of us.  It did not go according to plan. My plans were made in vain. We rejoiced. We were together. We had each other. It was merry and bright!