Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I told myself don't forget over and over for the last week.  Jan 10th is our referral anniversary and I had big plans to celebrate.  At least I had big plans to make a blog post out of it and maybe a facebook shout out. I failed on all three.

So what, I'm a day late and a dollar short but that doesn't change the fact that a year ago today I woke up with this giddiness inside. I had a son, a beautiful healthy one.  A year ago today I rushed to Kinko's where I made a thousand copies of this photo. I showed anyone who would look.  I sent them off to grammas and aunts.I framed it and placed a few through out the house.  This one photo changed our lives.  We stared at this one photo for at least a month before we had any other picture, updates or videos.  This was all we had to hang onto for what felt like eternity.
 We said yes to this little face. It seems like yesterday. Funny how time works, because the 4 months until we brought him home were the longest 4 months of our lives. 
Happy First referralversary Belay Andrew. Thanks for choosing us, we love you.


  1. Oh, Happy Referralversary!!! What a precious family you are!

  2. Time is a-flyin' now, but yes, those months dragged! He's a fun little guy!!

  3. Can't believe it has been a year! What a joy to watch (both online and in person) parts of your journey. Happy referralversary to your beautiful family!

  4. Happy happy! I remember him in ET when he was just a little bean. My how he's grown and changed already! Congratulations on a major milestone.

  5. a little late, but Happy "first time I saw your face" day!