Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a sad goodbye

I've been fighting it. I've been pretending that we don't have a problem. I sneak off to different parts of town hoping we won't be recognized. I can't seem to just give it up.  I'm in denial. 

We have no choice but to stop going back all together. I hope there will be a time again in the future when we can reconnect. But for now, we just have to say no.

There cannot be library trips with Belay in tow for a long long time. And lest I forgot, while we have 2 furry members of the family.

It all started when we madethe grave mistake of leaving a library book on the coffee table and the dogs locked in another room, and left for the day.  Only to return to nothing but shreds of a hard back novel costing  $24.  After coming up with different ways of trying to tape the book back together I had no choice but to hang my head in shame and admit that my dog ate the book.

The next trip back to the library, on a snowy winter day after my kids had been cooped up for weeks inside, we were asked to leave.  Well actually Adi was asked to take her brother and leave. Yes, a librarian approached my not quite  2 and not quite 3 yr old and asked them to leave because they were running laps around the bookshelves (did I mention we had been snowed in for a while?) What still perplexes me is why on earth that woman didn't come to ME and ask ME to take my kids outside. Yes, my kids show not have been running inside and yes I turned my head away for a moment to look for a book without pictures.  So we left, shamed again.

Well as you can imagine our string of library luck only got worse. Another book got eaten and until I pay the $20 fee, which I just can't bring myself to do, we don't get to bring any home. Yet I go back for more. Each time we are there I am asked to take Belay and leave for various reasons. Sometimes its because he is jumping off the tables or dive bombing the chairs other times its because I suggest he lowers his inside voice just a touch and his response ends in, well, it ends in us leaving.

In the midst of all the book eating dogs and wild screaming boy, Adi just sits reading as quick as she can.  See she know now that  1. we aren't allowed to bring books home anymore  and 2. We may and will be asked to leave at any moment.

What's a mom to do? One child who wants nothing more than to read books and be in a library and the other who banned from the entire county library system.

I think we have to say goodbye for a while.  My deepest condolences Adi, one day we will return again.


  1. Reality shows ain't got nothin' on you!! Sad as it may be, your son's shenanigans entertain me! Just keep wearing your running shoes, & keep the computer handy so you can share! ;o)

  2. We paid plenty to the Pasadena Public library when our oldest son was little and decided to rip apart an entire children's spanish dictionary-those things are NOT cheap! Ugh-and my 6 year old is still loud in the library, but that's because they put a train table in there.

    Your description was hilarious!

  3. Hilarious! I think being shunned from your local library is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly and consider it a fantastic story to tell at Belay's wedding.

  4. Oh, man! This stinks...and is so hilarious at the same time. Will be good stories later. :)

  5. We don't go to the library either, to many late fees and books that has been colored in!!
    We go to Barnes and Noble.. .get a chocolate milk at Starbucks, I pick up a book and the boys let loose at Thomas the Train table. Noah pushes all the buttons on the books that makes noise, and 20 minutes later we are ready to go home!