Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer's here. Kids are getting wilder than ever.  Clothes are basically a nuisance at this point. Baths are becoming every night ordeals(who am I kidding, they should be, but certainly aren't) The bath water is brown in the first minute. (Dirt not poop)


Adi had her very first ballet recital. It was pretty much amazing.  They were little mice. They all rocked it. 


There was an end of the year preschool performance which was equally amazing.
 Adi's the one belting out 10 little monkeys as loud as she can in the middle pink.

Belay is having a word explosion.  He's trying to repeat every word we say to him. He remains jealous as ever that he cannot go to ballet with the girls on Saturday mornings. In time belay, in time. (you have to be 3)!
The words "wook mommy wook " and "ear a go " (here you go) are a constant source of background music in my life.


Adi is getting a little pay back from the months of crawling in Belay's crib with him in the morning.
For the last few weeks there's been a whole helluva lot more crying coming from their side of the house in the wee hours of the morning. Adi then claims that Belay is in her bed and she doesn't like it one bit.
Belay had been whining something along the lines of " Adi couch" around the same time. Finally, put two and two together, it became clear. Belay is seeking revenge.

When the crying started this morning Andy jumped out of bed to catch it in action. Sure enough, Belay sat screeching right in the middle of Adi's bed while she lay kicking him as hard as she could.

Andy dealt with it, we all went back to bed. And A few hours later Adi asked me with all sincerity if we could please put Belay back in a crib because he was too little to be in a big boy bed.

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