Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to stand out in a crowd

  Home girl knows how to flare up a boring old uniform.(A few butterflies in the hair, a couple of extra ponytails, a pair of 18 month striped tights...)

And apparently how to properly pose for an "about to walk in late to school" photo shoot.

Somethings Adi is learning at school 

1. That there is something called 'star wars' and there is a princess named Leia in it. (music to daddy's ear)
2. how to draw some awesome pictures.

3. how to stand out in a crowd of blue and white.

4. To maybe not be so "handsie" with the other kids (what can I saw, we are a bit of a handsie family, but I guess not every kids wants to have their back rubbed by Adi;)

5.How to acquire as many stickers as possible for helping clean up.

6. How to not nap but sit quietly at nap time(obviously her least favorite time of day, but again she come from a family of "not satisfactory" nappers) 

Truly, she is having a blast and doing what any 3 1/2 year old should be doing, learning through play!  We are all loving her school and not just cause Daddy is the principal!
This guy is doing just fine too!  Preschool is good for him so far, I think.
There are still tears at drop off everyday but at least they don't start in the car like they used to. His teachers say he stops crying as soon as I leave (guess he needs mom to know who's having the last word on this matter). 

He talks about some friends at school and its so cute, the thought of little Belay having his own friends. I think what he loves best is that no one forces him to eat his lunch. He proudly announces when we get in the car  "Bay no eat yunch" with a giant smile on his face. Ehh, whats  a girl supposed to do with that one, besides feed him that same lunch for every meal here on out until its gone. Not that I would ever do such a thing. 


  1. I love her style! Those tights are fabulous-and even better that their 18 months! :) And good for you letting her wear them, I was way too uptight about clothes when my oldest 2 were little, I've relaxed a lot since then.

  2. Oh how I love this post! Especially the 'handsie' part. Cracking up.

  3. I would love a back rub from Adi :-) I can totally see Belay with his little pose of playmates. The hair clips, the tights.. how that brings back memories of resisting Saint Francis and Episcopal Academy dress codes.

  4. I'm cracking up over your handsie family!

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