Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my proudest moment in parenting to date

We took the kids out for a quick dinner tonight after swimming all day.  When the waiter dropped off our waters at the table and Adi immediately responded with "thank you" and then Belay did the same.  This happened without prompting, at all! Not a single word out of my mouth. They both said thank you on their own accord because they knew it was the right thing to do. The waiter mumbled a quick "wow, good manners" and it literally brought tears to my eyes (which isn't all that hard to do these days with the pregnancy hormones raging).
I have never been more proud, honestly. This means they learned something. I have taught them to have manners. Whoohooo. Now, will it ever happen again?

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  1. Hi! My name is Faith and I am also from the Asheville area! I actually found you from a comment you made on a post from Rage Against the Minivan forever ago... Weird, I know. She was writing about her kindergarten dilemma and you said there is a kindergarten in your area that offers a 3 day a week option? My son just turned 5 and while we've started him in public kindergarten, some days I wonder if we jumped the gun. I would love to have more info about this school you mentioned! I can see you haven't blogged in awhile, so I don't know that you will get this, but if you would you mind emailing me at faith.byer@gail.com? Thanks!