Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm sitting in the dark in my two year old's room typing. I thought these days were done for now. Sitting and waiting until she falls asleep before sneaking out. We got her a "big girl princess bed" There is nothing princess about it except all the pink pillows. But in her world, if she likes it then it automatically becomes a princess blank blank blank like a princess potty, princess car seat, princess broccoli. Ok maybe its more my way of convincing her to like it. Either way, the first 2 nights she loved it. Slept in it all night long but this time at 730 am, when she woke up, she got to climb out of bed herself and bring her and her "princess pillow" into our room. Then I guess the novelty wore off because for the last 3 nights, after we have read stories and tucked her in she gets a very worried, sad look on her face and asks for her crib. Here is the dilemma, she really loves her princess bed and knows that cribs are for babies(unlike for her mature, not quite 2 year old self). So tonight I am sitting in the dark and typing while I wait for her to fall asleep in her big girl bed. Like everything else with parenting, it never gets easier, things just change and are harder in a different way.
We probably could have kept her in her crib for another year, but we are trying to make room and prepare her for brother bay. At least we know we've got a while until he's here.

Speaking of, I guess the newness and excitement has worn off for me too. Not that I am any less in love or excited for Bay, but I have moved on to being anxious about everything that lies between now and bringing him home. We are now waiting on the Ministry of Woman's affairs to approve our adoption and assign us a court date. When court date comes, someone in Ethiopia, on our behalf, will legally make us the parents of Bay. We have to actually "pass court", which requires that all the right paper and people are there at the right time in the right place. This has not been happening on the first try for a lot of families lately. It has nothing to do with our part here, it is basically out of our control. So passing court really is the biggest step in bring our son home. When that time comes I'll be asking for everyone to pull out all the big prayers they can to help gets us through. After passing court we should be able to travel 6-8 weeks later.
For now, we keep waiting. We are waiting to hear when that court date will be. And for some reason I a have a pit in my stomach, thinking it may be a while. I guess its all part of parenting, even when you haven't met your child yet.

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