Monday, January 25, 2010


There are several families in Ethiopia right now picking up there children to bring them home, 11 families I believe. While they are over there they have decided to take the extra time(which I'm sure is hard considering they have their brand new children with them) to right notes about, take pictures and videos of and find out as much information as possible about each child!  So far we know that he is small, adorable, wears pink:),is smiley, has very delicate features, is sitting up and sleeping well (i think).
I am overwhelmed with how much these few sentences mean to us. Knowing that people are holding him and taking special note of the little sweet things he does gives me something to hold onto for a few more days.  Hopefully we will get more pictures and video clips of him once these families return home and can have a better internet connection to send them (although we will miss getting these updates).So thank you fellow IAN parents, we are so grateful for every word we read about Bay.

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  1. I am excited you have a blog Jane! Can't wait to see pictures of Bay... how nice of those parents to send you extra information!