Sunday, January 31, 2010

What we do on snowy days

Another snow storm came this weekend. The second big one this season,8 inches( a lot for NC). It was beautiful, and I am secretly glad it came on a weekend. As much fun is it for closings during the week, making everything up is just too much of a hassle these days. Last snow, over Christmas, Adi insisting on going out to build a snowman, but was a little freaked out once we got all bundled up and went out. This time, there is a layer of ice over the snow, not so fun to play in. So we stayed inside. 
Andy got a special breakfast in anticipation of the snow (chocolate donuts, a very rare treat). Adi is enjoying her donut in the picture below.  She also read stories to the dogs, lined up all her guys (including Andy), and played a lot with her early birthday present from Mem (what she calls my mom), a fairy jewelry box filled with lots of pretty things.

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