Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our big adventure

Andy has had a long last week of school, including many evening commitments. I am  totally not used to him coming home so late, so I have had quite an adjustment. But tonight I was bound and determined to venture out and have an adult conversation with someone other than Adi. While lately she seems more like 16 than 2, I have to remember that there is more to the world than her pink tricycle and Dora the Explorer.
So, I packed up Belay in the sling and put Adi in the backpack on my back and headed down the trail behind my neighbors house to the local Highland Brewery . It's about a 5 minute walk from my front door to beer in hand. We head there most friday nights. But walking solo with 2 kids plus a bag to hold bottles, sippy cups, diapers, cell phone, wallet, you get the point, was a first.

It went great. We had a blast. I met up with "adult" friends and got to have "adult conversations" about our kids. Hey, what else is there to talk about, right?

I wish I had a photo of me with Belay strapped in the front and Adi on the back but no such luck .
I did manage to get this one photo of the night in the midst of wrangling the kids.


  1. You are a brave Mommy! Good for you.

  2. Keep flexing those momma muscles...I do believe we do what we have to to survive! ;o)