Sunday, June 27, 2010

true happiness

Things seem to be settling down here. Doctor appointments are over for now. Andy is home for the summer.   We escaped to the beach for a few days and feel relaxed and rejuvenated .  Suddenly I feel normal again. At least I think this is what normal feels like.  The every second of the day worrying and stressing about the adoption is over. Every other free worry space in my brain consumed with how on earth I'm going to finish school is over. And while I still have one major stress in my life right now pertaining to my career (i.e passing the NCLEX and finding a job) it seems ok to put it to the back burner for a while. Ever if just for the next month, to truly enjoy this feeling of life. Life as a mom and nothing else.

In this time, as just a mom, I'm finding true happiness. I'm also finding time to do things like 
1. Brush my dogs so I at least don't have to see the hair flying off their bodies as my floors get hairier by the minute
2. Wash the dog's bed...see #1
3. Grow vegetables and herbs and even flowers
4. vaccum the hairy floors ...see #1
5.make sandwiches into shapes like stars and moons for the kids
6.provide more than a bag of goldfish as snacks for the kids
7. cook Ethiopian food with my hubby
8. enjoy the food with my hubby
9. Swim in my neighbors eye sore ( I mean above ground "pool')
10. kiss lots of boo boos


  1. sounds like you're doing great :) love the photos!!!