Friday, August 6, 2010

Kids room finally got a makeover

  After long deliberation, the kids room finally got painted. We were going for a nice earthy orange.But this blue green turned out great. Its peaceful and still fun, feminine and boyish enough.We still need to finish the trim but it's a start.I also tried to get the room cleaned up before I took the pictures, but the little monsters where doing their best to pull out every toy while I was snapping away.

Adi's bed.
On the wall I hung 8 little cork board squares so as she grows and her obsessions change (like the color purple,butterflies, and Dora) So she can decorate as she pleases. I suppose one day there may be pictures of rockstars and movie stars pinned there.           
I had been looking for a sweet mobile or something to hang over her bed, similar to the one we got Belay in the markets in ET. But I could not find a single thing I liked, so I made one. Its pretty basic, a stick with purple ribbon wrapped around it and pretty butterflies (bought at Micheal's) hanging from fishing                                                                                                                                             
 Belays bed. 
This painting of the baby elephant is titled "He reminded me of my two year old in so many ways..."By Lea Bell . Well said. We have had this painting for a while, long before we had kids. Once Adi was born we put it in her room, but it feel like it finally found a home over Belay's crib.
The "Dancing Africans" Mobile (as I like to call it) was one of the few precious items  brought home from the markets in Addis Ababa.
His shelf seems to have turned into a parking garage for all the trucks

This photograph of Belay was made from his referral photo. It was the only picture we had of him for a few months. It will always be close to our hearts.
And Adi's eye's from about the same age.

 "play area"
(Really it's just a lot of books )
                        This painting is an original by artist Sara Faulkner.


  1. Beautiful mobiles! I love mobiles! I wish I had one in every one of our rooms.

  2. Looks great! Love the creativity with Adi's mobile! We still haven't finished our girls room...