Monday, September 27, 2010

I am letting go

Today I am starting fresh. Well, maybe tomorrow since Its 9:51 pm, not much left in today.
Tomorrow, I am a Mom, a stay at home mom. I am not an unemployed RN. Will I ever be an employed RN? I hope so, but in the mean time I am going to be content in the place that I'm in. This job search has been the hardest in someways and easiest in others. My family won't be living on the streets without this job, the bills will be paid, life will go on as it has. Unlike all those other new jobs I've had in my life this is the first one in my "field," this is the job that I don't plan on "quitting when it sucks" (and god knows I've had enough of those.) But why has it been so difficult? The economy for one, yes well all know that its one of the hardest times to find a job in history, but I have to add that those exact words were the ones I was hearing in 2003 when I graduated college the first time and couldn't find a job.  The town we live in, yes, all of us who choose to live in this amazing town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, have had to make sacrifices somewhere (usually in way of employment.) And  those who landed the dream job in the dream town do not bring home the dream pay check.

But, an unemployed RN, is there such a thing? I, like most, didn't think possible. But I guess anything is possible when times are tough. So if you're out there reading this and need a flexible nurse for a great practice on a part time basis, with above average pay, I'm you girl (just kidding! ...or am I???;)

Back to today (or tomorrow I should say), I am accepting where I am in my life and letting go of the search in hopes that when the time is right for my hodgepodge family, this dream career will fall into my lap.
*honestly, who does that happen for? Not me, I gotta work my tail off for the things I want!

Tomorrow these little boogers are my job.

 Seriously, who does the little Ethiopian think he is with that smile?


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  2. Hi, Where do you guys live? We are an IAN family waiting to bring our 4 y.o. son home. We live in the blue ridge too (virginia) and always looking for other adoptive families!

  3. Hi! we are in Asheville, NC. (a few hours south)Congrats on bringing home your son, what a wonderful journey it has been for us and will be for you. To bad we aren't closer, it would be fun to be around another IAN family

  4. The perfect (nursing) job for you will come around when the time is right. I know it will.

    But right now I want to say--congrats on the best job in the whole wide world! Can't you just stare at those gorgeous smiles for hours??