Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is my life

One is sick, one got shots, none of us slept much last night. It was a hard day. Might I quickly add that the one that got shots has spent the rest of the day limping around with a huge pouty face and acting like his legs might actually fall off.  After the previous day of tantrums, timeouts, and higher than normal voice volume, I felt sorry enough and let him lay on my lap all afternoon with a bottle.
Now, onto the one that is sick. First mind you that she was not sick enough to say no to a quick jaunt down the the nature center( an animal rescue center/zoo of sorts for our small town which happens to be the only thing within walking distance of our house.)


Their favorite thing to do at the Nature Center is to play in this little log cabin. I don't blame them.  I like to sit and imagine what life was like a century and half ago.  Today, Adi found a spot by one of the big open windows in the cabin which over looked the sheep and goats. When I glanced in to check on her she was perched up at the window, bent arm with a small fist tucked under her chin, gazing out to the sheep and goats. When I asked her what she was doing she said " this is my life mama" with a huge smile on her face. Can a 2 yr old be that deep? does she wanna be a farmer when she grows up? is she a farmer now?" I'm kicking myself that I didn't snap a photo but without the camera my only option was my phone camera and obviously I was to busy gabbing on it to take one.

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