Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The sky is waking up

Have I mentioned lately  how much I love these two?
They got matching Halloween skeleton  jammies from gramma and I had to attempt a photo of them together. This fuzzy cell phone shot was the best I could do.
In the mornings Adi climbs into bed with us. I'm sure Belay will too, once he is free from the cage we call a crib. The last few mornings Adi has whispered, to whom ever was listening, that the sky is awake and time for us to wake up too, but the trees are still sleeping so we have to be quiet.  See the sky was light and turning blue while the trees still look black in the shadow of the rising sun. She has also been giddy at the sight of the sunrise telling us there are 2 pink skies (one sky out of each window). She never ceases to amaze me. 
While we moan and groan at sound of he feet pounding the floor as she races down our hall at the crack of dawn, I secretly can't wait until there are 4 feet pitter pattering down that hall and 2 voices telling us the sky in awake.