Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A date with the Prince and Princesses

I took Belay on a special "date" this morning. Just me and him. Mommy and Belay. I had coffee. He had a cupcake. Sounded like a good way to start the day for us.
 We started to wake up slowly.
Got a little goofy and thought we'd try some fancy moves out.
It was a good first date. I'm hoping for a second one soon.

Our day ended with our super fun cousins who came over for dinner and the hit release first time viewing of Beauty and the Beast. It was complete with a boat nest of blankets on the floor and a never ending supply of cookies(we were all so glad the oldest cousin is tall enough to reach up on the counters and grab the cookies just in case an adult wasn't available to hand them out on demand).
I think tonight was our first later(of course by later I mean dinner at 4 movie at 5) play date and it was a hit! Will it be  Cinderella next week?
There was one incident toward to end of the night when the Ariel doll became a hot item. After a few tears I made sure all three girls had a princess in their hands.  Well someone's feelings were still hurt. Poor little Belay sat empty handed.  A few snuggles with Snow White did the trick. And the night ended flawlessly.


  1. Oh my, the many faces of Belay! And they are all total cuteness!!

  2. That cupcake looks huge next to his sweet little face! Love it! :)

  3. he is so precious! love those faces.

  4. He is so cute in his hat! Jane, your home looks so fun and full of joy! Your kids are precious.