Sunday, October 24, 2010

where are we going and how do I get there?

I've been struggling with my posts lately. I have, literally 6 unpublished, half written, thoughts more like, that are going no where. There must be capable of thinking a full thought still, right? It just seems that mid-thought, I inevitably find myself sounding  redundant, boring, self indulgent maybe (please tell me the latter is not so). Then I wonder where this blog is going. Then I know where its going but don't have the words to make it happen. Humph!
Thats where I'm at.
Tonight I am going to write about adoption, that is what got me started on this after all.
Actually I think I'll tell an antecdote instead.
The other night I ran into a friend who told me about a friend of hers who had also adopted from Ethiopia and lives in the same town as us.  My friend told her friend about us and our little boy. Her response was "Impossible, I know EVERYONE who has adopted from Ethiopia in this town. If they really had an Ethiopian child then they would have come to the local Ethiopian group."
There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Its simple math. If A + B doesn't equal C, then it is not true.
It is not possible to live in a small town with lots of other families whom share a common ground and not be part of that group.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about exposing my son and my family to families that look like ours.  I absolutely want Belay to know other children from his birth country. But seriously? Can we do it on our own terms? 

While we were not spending time with families who we do not know, we were busy making new friends at the park.. It was a big moment for Belay as he fell hard for an almond eyed, smiley, brown skinned little girl. I'm not sure if it was the fact that she was his age for once, as in not one of Adi's friends, or that she looked like him, but it was love and that was all that mattered.

Back to where this blog is going...tomorrow it will be heading in the direction of recapping a very special weekend of visitors.


  1. I feel you. I feel directionless with this blog!
    Thinking an organic approach will work for me. :)
    But, don't stop posting! I would miss seeing those two little cuties of yours.

  2. Well, if all else fails (ie: your thoughts are giving you fits), do what I do & post pictures! I'm with Sara...love seeing your babes grow!

  3. Me too...please keep blogging!

  4. I swear, in every picture of Belay there's a little bit of snot above his lip. So cute.