Thursday, November 4, 2010


I slipped a few Halloween pictures into the last post, but here is the gist of how it all went down.

Adi was a "flower fairy princess"

Cousin Padgers was also a "flower fairy princess". 

Padgers coined the term and Adi fell for it right away. 

Halloween evening came and while we were trying to assemble all the kids into what was supposed to resemble 2 flower fairy princesses, 1 "deluxe" Ariel complete with bright red hair, and 1 Peter Pan  not to be confused with Robin Hood, a switch happened.

Adi  had been swooning over Padme's dress for weeks now.

Padme suddenly wanted nothing to do with her dress. 

Adi, seeing the beautiful original flower fairy princess dress just laying, unwanted on the floor, jumped at her chance with it.

Padgers, eyed the other most beautiful dress in the world and we had 2 beautiful Flower fairy princesses.

Both with smiles on there faces.

One lady asked Adi what she was dressed as and she promptly replied "Padme".

Post switch

Can you see her wanting eyes in the background?

Still happy with her version of the dress
Belay, seemed to know what to do right away. He marched right up to the first house with bucket held high. Do they celebrate halloween in Ethiopia? Cause this kids has done this before.
Last night we had our social worked come over for our 6 month post placement visit and when she knocked on the door, Belay opened it with bucket held high yelling "ich er eat " (trick or treat).  The poor lady, she came empty handed and little man had no intention of letting her in without a treat.

 Adi ate purple cupcakes. Does it get any better? Not if you are 2.9 years old and your favwit color is purple and your favwit food is cupcakes.

We carved a pumpkin. Adi was less than thrilled with the processes. But the end result was worth it, what with those triangle eyes and everything. Especially when you are 2.9 years old and your favwit shape is a triangle.

Belay is thrilled by everything.
These pictures beg the question " are you putting one dread in your sons hair?"
All in all it was FUN! I sure am happy its over. Halloween wore me out.
Is there something slightly condescending in Adi's face?Or os she just being the great big sis that she is?


  1. Awesome pics, Jane! Personally, I love the one dread. Very "different drummer". I'd go with it. But that's from a mom of a boy with a head full of 'em!

  2. you're such an awesome mom jane!
    observation and reflection on your children is what it is all about. staying with who they really are.

  3. so so cute!!!! looks like lots of fun ( and a couple of sugar-high's ;)

  4. Learning how to say "itch or eat" has got to qualify him as a literary man. Next stop, Tolstoy.

    And ADS!!!! Purple cupcakes and a purple flower fairy princess whatever dress??? Halloween doesn't get any better than this!!

    xoxo Aunt Chrissy