Friday, November 19, 2010

very special guests

A few of Adi and Belay's Aunts came for a North Carolina visit.  Due to the nature of my family, globe trotting is nothing new. A family that lives down the street, what does that mean? We grew up moving every few years. New towns, new cities, new states, new countries. Nope, not military; academia. 

As adults,  my sisters and I did what we know best. We moved. Spread from coast to coast with dabs in the middle, this crew attempts yearly gathers of all, but that rarely happens. Now, we take what we can get and enjoy time with whom ever can get where ever. 

This trip we were blessed with Auntie Chrissy all the way from L.A

We got this city girl into the country.
The day began a bit eerie, but we soaked up every bit of country anyways, hoping for enough left over to ship back to sunny L.A

Mary came down from Maryland.She is hiding there behind Belay.


We soaked in fall.

For a family who is spread far and wide my kids are lucky to have this time to spend with there Aunts. And they sure did live up to there names.

We got a little extra time with Mary. What a day we had!
I made us, what I thought was at the time, picture worth MBLT's (BLT with a twist of mozzeralla). In hindsight maybe they were not so picture worthy, but oh so yummy. Same goes for those "latte's" I made.

We played. We made Aunt Mary run errands with us, go to the park with us, play outside with us, go to the grocery store with us. I bet she had never had such a fun vacation.
She even participated in post bath, pre bedtime,  princesses song dance party complete with flashing, glowing ghost light necklaces. She even taught Adi a new move, which was practiced night after night long after Mary left.

these last photos are from my not smart phone camera

But the moment that Mary won her place in Adi's heart was when she agreed to read books to her. After she did a little work on the computer. Mary may have thought that Adi would have forgotten about the promise. Mary now knows that Adi never ever forgets anything, just like her mama:)
Adi waited and waited so patiently.  It was totally worth the wait. 

I just have to add one thing....
The other day after getting off the phone with Mary, (who is waiting patiently to become a mommy) I had this conversation with Adi 
ME: one day Mary is going to have a baby too. 
ADI: (with a little worried look in her eyes) " But not me right?"
ME:  " No, a different baby, not you. He/she will be tiny, like your dolls"
ADI: " Oh, and can she be brown and white like me and Belay?"
ME : "Maybe Adi, maybe she/he will be brown and white, but he/she may be pink too"
ADI: "I'd like her to be pink the best"

disclosure: Adi put it upon herself to deem Mary's baby whom may or may not exist yet a girl.

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