Tuesday, November 30, 2010

awww man

 Maybe there still need to be posts about how and what the kids are up to. Maybe all the cute pictures are just me being lazy? Maybe we need to remember the good with the bad? So, in honor of it being the Christmas season I will write about the good and the bad.(I'm not really sure how it actually relates to Christmas but it seemed to fit the bill of the season. Maybe it can be like the song "he knows if you've been bad or good...") And I know we've been singing that song to a few wee ones in the last few days.

I don't know if its the age, the moon, the rain, the season or, most likely, gramma, cookie and juice withdraw. Whatever it is, we have had two wild ones the past few days. Is it normal while with gramma to consume unlimited cookies and gallons of apple cider, to have an endless stack of books being read out loud at all times, to run around like a banshee hours past bedtime?  With our grammas it is.

But, back on the homestead it doesn't fly.  Not that reading isn't a wonderful thing to do with Adi, but I cannot sit and read her 15 books without pause to even catch my breath.  And well the juice and cookie speak for themselves, right?

In the midst of timeouts, 21 month old and almost 3 year old  plotting on how to take over the house, stage diving from the coffee table, near stitches, and near broken feet we managed to put up a Christmas tree, decorate it, and throw the rotting gourds onto the front porch.

In the blur of regaining life after the thanksgiving coma a little voice has been singing sweetly for all to hear ...

 sung to the tune of Frère Jacque
"Bells are ringing,  bells are ringing
Christmas is here, Christmas is here
Happy birthday Jesus,  Happy birthday Jesus
Awww Man, awww Man"

I'm just guessing here but I'm thinking that last verse is supposed to sound more like Amen.

I am also guessing, although it has not yet been confirmed, that this may be her Christmas play song at school.

Alright I was not going to add a photo but how can I leave these out?

Helping daddy put the angel on top

Papa love

Anyone think its possible for Belay to not smile for a picture? cause I don't.

a girl who is very serious about tree decorating

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  1. Jane, Thanks for sharing more pics and life! I agree about the grandma detox...happens here too. :)