Saturday, December 18, 2010

Go ahead and Laugh. I did.

I have a new job and a new workout routine (P90x). Hey, don't knock it till you try it, plus I got hubby doing it with me every morning! A task no one thought was possible! It is amazing to feel so great after a grueling hour of working out in the comfort of your bedroom by 7 am,  but hard none the less.

Oh, and we have lots of new nasty little bugs invading our house. They jump from one of us to the next, leaving at least 1.4 of us wiped out at any given time.  I also have gray sky's, 14* days and blasts of snow. The snow we love. The mountain town that shuts down in the snow we do not love. I have a little boy who is literally climbing up my walls and a little girl who needs to flap her social butterfly wings AT LEAST every other day.  Parties being canceled, preschool being canceled, work not being canceled... After what feels like weeks of being locked inside I am about ready to call it quits.
Wait, its only December? Maybe we shouldn't move to Vermont!
The gray sky sunset tonight from my back porch

Maybe its one of the 10 things I just mentioned or maybe being a parent is hard.  Belay is a sweet little boy, he truly is, but he has a bit too much fire sometimes.  And Adi, my love, is so busy running the world that she has a hard time coming down to my level to complete any sort of less noble tasks.

Today Snow White some how got put on repeat.  Andy was sick in bed. I spent the morning at work and the afternoon trying to make something out of this table of what I hope will turn into Christmas gifts. 

So when I saw this come running down the hall.  All I could do was throw my hands up and cry or maybe laugh, I can't remember which.

My living room looks like this. And it probably will still look that way tonight, and next Tuesday.

Adi "mopped" the floor.  I just hope it wasn't with anything that came out of that little potty. Yeah that little one that Belay is so proudly giving himself a hand for using.

While I would really like to forget today. I won't forget that I finally got one lousy photo of my kids smiling and posing at the camera at the same time.  Forget the 158 photos we took last weekend in pretty dresses and handsome pin stripes. This one is going out in the mail this year. 


  1. Sorry you couldn't come last night :( I'm sure my girls would love to have Adi and Belay over sometime this week so you can work on those xmas gifts xoxo

  2. We've all had those days Jane. But most of us don't have the guts to blog about them! This too, shall pass. Lovin' the pink potty though. And both kids are healthy and happy. The house messes can wait.