Monday, December 6, 2010

Unexpected love

Today we had an unexpected, to me at least, snow. In our family and in Western NC snow, no matter how scant, is a snow day. Andy's school is canceled, preschool is canceled, my jobs are (yes, I have two now. Did I mention I started back to work as a pediatric nurse again?) of course, not cancled. But today we all stayed home.

So Adi called her cousins on her princess phone or maybe it was her calculator phone. Either way, I had to help with the invite to come over and play.  Now, we all know how getting out of the house with 2 kids all bundled up and driving across town in the snow can actually take all day, but Adi didn't get the memo.  Well she waited and waited staring out the window, pushing redial on that phone over and over until finally they pulled in the drive way.

Three little girls screamed and jumped and tossed coats and boots and without so much as a kiss hello they bee lined it to the toys.  After a little while I had to go sneak in and see what was going on.  I wish I had a photo of it, but really a photo would have done no justice.  Let me paint a picture. I don't have all the right words to really show how beautiful this moment was but I'll try.

A few months ago, in the kids room,  we cleared out the floor of the closet, piled it high with blankets, added a light to the wall, stacked book in sideways boxes and called it the "reading nook".  It is a magical place. I crawl in there daily to "clean up books" but maybe I'm just secretly wishing I was three again?

Anyways, these three little girls  were all cuddled up sitting in the nook sharing a bowl of trial mix. I heard giggles and whispers.  These three little babies aren't just babies or cousins, they are actually friends.  There was an entire conversation going on in there. One with meaning and purpose. One that seemed pretty important to these girls. One that was not okay for a little brother to be part of.  Then all I could see were these almost 3 and almost 5 year old girls as preteens giggling and gossiping as far away from there parents as they could get. I saw them as best friends 4,6,8 years down the road. 

Their eyes were filled with nothing but joy and love and a touch of honest concentration.  My heart sang just a bit and a tiny tear might have filled in my eye.  It was a moment of pure unexpected happiness for me.
Later when I asked Adi what they were talking about she said they were whispering " I love you!"

Who knows, maybe they were.

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