Thursday, December 2, 2010

Broken little bones

Well that possible broken foot turned into a real broken foot. After days of watching Ads hobble around I sucked it up and brought her in for an x-ray.  She was a trooper!  She picked a purple cast, is anyone shocked?

After crying out that it felt too bumpy to walk and another 12 hours of me carrying her around she decided to give it a go.  She is now crawling or hoping or dragging that beautiful purple cast around the house like its nothing at all.

And what really rocked her world was the picture of Dora and Boots that daddy drew on it.

Her only concern now is how in the world is she supposed to go to the library with that thing on her leg?


  1. Oh my goodness, mine has a broken bone right now, too! His elbow, and the cast color he picked? Bright neon orange. Kinda like your bdrm wall in our apartment, haha. Hope Adi gets well soon! How long is it on?

  2. kate, oh no which one broke his elbow?
    that sounds like an awesome color, as was that wall in college:) They are so funny. Just a week then re x-ray and see where we're at. how about yours?

  3. Oh, Adi, I am not surprised by purple & not surprised by something broken! Love the toe polish, too! Jane, I think you're going to have a wild ride with your babes! Hope it heals quick!!!

  4. What a tiny cast! It looks big until I saw Andy's hand next to it!