Friday, August 12, 2011

5 years later and still loving it all

 On August 11th 2006 a girl walked down a grassy path, barefoot, to marry the man of her dreams. 
A day dream't of for years only to put those dreams to shame.  The real thing was better than I ever wished.
 The 5 years of marriage equally amazing. 
 The blessing of two beautiful children,
 And I life I could never have imagined would be mine.
 Thank you Andy for marrying me.
Oh and 5 years later, same dress different sash. Happy Anniversary Andy. It gets better every year!


  1. Congratulations-your pictures are beautiful! (and how awesome that you can wear your dress!)

  2. uhhmmm, where is the picture of the awesome guy who married you all????

    Classic Jane and Andy story.

    So they asked me to marry them. I went online and got the minister license and flew down for the rehearsal dinner. I get there and Jane adn Andy turn to me and say 'so, what are we doing Bill?', like I was some sort of marriage guy by trade or something. They literally just expected me to have their entire wedding day all mapped out. They had no vows, no speech, no clue as to how the day would roll. Amazing!

    I love you guys so much! Wish we saw more of one another.

    We are moving to Virginia Beach here in the next couple of months so we'll be a bit closer.

  3. lovely Bill. The truth is actually that we expected him to have HIS speech planned out, that's it. I believe I did all the rest:)
    Really, you're moving down to VA? amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on Charlotte.