Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pressing matters. what to do. soccer, ballet, preschool...???

Ok, obviously I know its insane to sign your 3.5 yr old up for multiple activities at once, and obviously I know it won't make her a genius or Olympic athlete (or will it;) but I have a delema.  Adi is in love with ballet and has no intention of taking a break.  I love soccer and have every intention of making her at least try to play.  And maybe I have been waiting 4 yrs since I knew I was going to have a kid to sign that kid up for soccer. I kinda believe I was made to be a soccer mom (or track mom, either way;)

So, Adi is now old enough to play little kickers in  the fall, sign ups are happening now, it's cheap and only one 30 min practice and one 30 min game a week.  Here's the thing, she is going to preschool, real deal all day 5 days a week preschool (if she so chooses to go of course) and doing ballet.  Ballet meets once a week after school and soccer will be once a week after school and saturday mornings.

The obvious answer is to not do soccer. She loves Ballet, will probably hate soccer (the lack of skirts are already causing an uproar in every day conversation)and will love school.  But here's the thing,  I don't foresee a break in either Ballet or school anytime soon.  And I do feel strongly about at least exposing her to different activies.  

(Also, I know and see the argument of not doing organized sports at a young age. One thing I wish was different in my youth was doing sports earlier. Yes, I started running competitively at 9 yrs old and there were some seasons of tee ball in there in the early years. But it was not something I really got to do and really wished I had.   So, call it a complex if you will, but I plan on forcing encouraging my kids try out lots of things and hope something sticks:)

Ok, so it comes down to this, at some point soon Adi will be forced to try and play soccer. Obviously it would be easiest to not do ballet that season (but that would be extra torture for her )If she hates it then so be it.  Do I do it this fall or is that a bit of a full plate for a 3 yr old?

Besides...what if she loves it???

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