Tuesday, August 9, 2011

so the tables turn

The first blog back after what seems like a summer of nothing is the hardest, isn't it? Do I fill in the gaps or go with whats happening now? How about that goal to take pictures and at the very least add photos of my sweet kiddos? That sounds like a good place to start. Well, the broken camera seemed to fix itself(whew) but there don't seem to be an pictures, still.

Hmmmm, guess no one to blame but me. There goes that goal. How about onto the present?
Andy's back at work. Where did summer go?

Oh yeah, it went to moving and working and child rearing.  For the first time in 4 summers I think this summer really felt like we truely split the load. Meaning I worked out of the home while he worked in the home. Grant it I was FAR from full time this summer (and Andy was FAR from not working at all out of the home). But a whole heck of a lot more than before. Andy rocked out with the laundry, cleaning, moving, unpacking, taking the kids for ice cream part of parenting. And for the first time I wasn't counting the minutes until school started up again. I think we may be onto something here. Truly co- parenting in every sense. I like it!

Mean while I feel that deep sense of uggg way down in there. Summer is over, already?!

Yet, it is not. Doesn't August count for anything? Is 94* not hot enough to still be summer? This August I am not convincing myself that fall is nipping at my heels, because frankly that's what September is for.

When I was a kid school ended in June and began in September. That made sense, that it what I'm used to. But down here back to school shopping starts in July.  So while I'm not giving up on August, I am back to school shopping. This time, for Adi!

 Her closet is lined with blue jumpers and white polo's, there's a new sparkly pink lunch box hanging from her bed knob, and we've been writing our number and letters non stop for the last week. Watch out New Classical Academy, here comes Adi! Her pencils are sharpened and her shoes are fast!

Happy August y'all.

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see her in her little uniform. Her mom and aunts spent many years in uniforms. I think that all schools should have an enforced dress code-- so much easier for the parents! Here's to many days left of summer though even if New Classical Academy is starting up again.