Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Soccer Game

Saturday morning the kids played their very first soccer game ever. It was a big moment in our house. They had practice last week and liked it but the game was a bit different.

When 3-5 yr olds play soccer it is most definitely like herding cats. My thoughts were that we might as well throw in a few extra balls to spice it up a bit. It couldn't have created anymore chaos and at least more than the one token ringer could have touched the ball.

 A few words about the 'ringer'. He was at least a foot taller than the rest of the kids, obviously played in many games before, and was probably 7. Okay, maybe he wasn't seven, but he sure as hell wasn't 3,4,or 5. He scored about 15 goals. Anytime one of his teammates (like Adi) got the ball, he stole it from them. He even tacked a teammate who was about to score a goal.

One of the dads finally asked the coach to take him out to give the other kids a chance and the coach replied with a laugh "yup, there's always one on every team" then she high fived the kid and left him in the game.

Once Adi got the hang of chasing the herd she did great. I may have even suggest that she throw a few elbows. Andy did not appreciate this advice but I think its the only way she got in the game:)
 She was smiling, huffing, and puffing by the end. She was a little nervous at first about playing without her friend on the field next to her, seeing as they are the only 2 girls on the team, but after a few minutes she was over it.

Once in the car she told us, teary eyed, that she really wanted to get the ball in the "white, square, net thing" but that one boy wouldn't let anyone else touch the ball. This got me really fired up and I promised her next week it wouldn't happen again.
My girl has the right spirit alright. I wonder who she got her competitive side from?

Belay's only feedback from the game was that he never got a turn. We explained over and over that he had to go chase the ball and that no one was going to hand him his own ball to kick. During practice Belay had incredible focus. He took dribbling, running, and kicking very seriously. But he totally did not get the herd mentality of the game. He kept wandering off the field telling us that "my team is over now, can I have a snack".  He is by far the smallest kid on the team and one of the youngest. But his best buddy is on the team with him, so that help.

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