Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little house horror

I cleaned my closet today. It was horrible and I blame it on being pregnant. Not just because I'm tired and way to lazy to hang my clothes, although thats part of it, but because of the 3 seasons of clothing.

A very nice friend loaned me a giant tub of maternity clothes which is great because this pregnancy is the exact opposite seasons as last and because I refused to buy anything I will only wear for a few month.  I pulled out all my "post pardom" i.e. fat clothes to wear during the early months. There is no reason to  put them away now when I'll need them again come august. Then of course all my normal clothes are there. My closet kinda exploded and the huge tub of maternity clothes was blocking the door way.

So, I fixed that today. It is pretty awesome. Andy thinks it will last 2 days.

During the process I found a few chapter books I saved from Christmas and gave them to Adi. Which, by the way, made me a rock star mom busting out a present out of no where. The truth is I forget they were there because my closet was such a mess. Point being, one of the books was a little house on the prairie book. Adi loves little house because I think one of her friends at school (who is a few yrs older) is reading them now.  Apparently they play "little house' quite a bit at school. In fact Adi has requested that for halloween we as a family unit be "Ma, Pa, Laura, Mary and Carrie." Belay is totally cool with being one of the sisters.

Well I guess I never actually read the books as a kid. Sad, I know.  

So I was a bit caught off guard as I  began reading chapter one out loud and found myself explaining what it meant to shoot, hang, skin, smoke and salt a deer.  Adi seemed to be following along ok with it. She made a few comments about how she is glad we don't live in the woods and asked if they didn't have refrigerators. Then came the part about the pig and how they used the bladder as a ball and  I just couldn't do it anymore. How do you explain to your 3 and 4 yr olds about using a pigs bladder as a ball?

Anyways, all the talk about meat and hunting got the kids talking. Adi declared her love of meat (although she seems to prefer it refrigerated than cured) and Belay reaffirmed how gross eating meat is and that he hates it. Then he made the announcement.
The announcement that I'm sure all 3 yr olds make at some point.  I know I made it. On my list was cake, mashed potatoes, and water.

Belays list at 3 yrs old...

Grocery stores
Chocolate Milk
Almond Milk.

My son can live on liquids alone. And I love that grocery store was on the list. I guess he knows thats where his liquids, and oatmeal, come from.

 I hope Little House on the Prairie stops talking about pig bladders and curing meat so I can keep reading it.  It's not helping the battle in getting Belay to eat meat. 

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  1. Sorry, I don't think it gets better! lol. But, my kids love those books!