Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ok, I'm Back

I got some of the kinks worked out on this site so I'm hoping it will be more enjoyable for me to write now. I'm not a computer savvy, in the least, so this will have to do. I've been feeling a title switch for a while now and this seems appropriate.( since we have both places to call our home)
this is how I feel after all this computer nonsense.

The latest news in the house is the baby arriving this summer! Yup, I'm pregnant. 23 weeks along now and due early August.  What an adventure this pregnancy has been! Doing it all over again with 2 kids in tow is slightly different, to say the least.  I'm feeling good now, after the nausea subsided around week 12. As much as is sucks at the time, I know how lucky I am that it only lasts a few weeks for me. And I never actually vomit. Just unbearable nausea around the clock for about 4 weeks.

 I thought I was in the clear until the headaches began. Then, for the next 2 1/2 months straight I had  mind numbing headache.  Now, I had headaches with Adi but they were always tolerable and went away with some added magnesium. This time however, all I could do was lay on the couch with an ice pack on my head. My midwives got worried because nothing, not even strong rx pain pills, took the pain away. They sent me to the neurologist convinced I had a brain tumor.
Ha ha.  I knew I did not have a tumor and that it was all hormones, but no one wants to take on the responsibility of something like headaches. So, needless to say, I did not have a tumor and my headaches have come and gone.

And now I have been blessed with hives all over my body. Can't say I saw this coming. I still don't know for sure that its pregnancy related, but I have no other explanations. No one else in the house has them, I have stripped sheets, bought new sheets, cleaned like crazy. Nothing has helped.

Enough about me. How about a little info on baby #3?  Well, she is a she! We are pretty thrilled about it. By "we" I of course mean Adi. Life could have been pretty sad around hear if Adi had to deal with 2 brothers.  She has grand plans of how the baby girl with sleep with her. Actually the baby is supposed to sleep under the sheets, at her feet. She also can't understand why we are having a hard time coming up with a name. She gives us new names everyday. I've been keeping a list so we can all look back at them one day. Here are a few...Aloosha,(an Adi made up one) Ivy, Emmy, Stormie (short for stormer from "Jem and the misfits") Dot Star Light( I have no idea) Alanee Lee (pretty creative, I have to say) Caroline (random, but she loves it ) Laura (I'm assuming little house on the prairie). And of course Belay has a few too...Baby spiderman and Peck-a-boo sissy (he apparently calls "pelicans" peck-a-boos)

Kissing her sister
Belay is in denial. He is telling everyone that he is getting a brother. Sorry buddy. But if you do ever get a brother someday, he will have brown skin like you.

who is freezing cold in the 90* day at the beach and falls asleep wrapped in a towel? Belay does!

We just spent a week in Florida with my inlaws. The kids had so much fun. They always do. The drive is brutal but oh so worth a week swimming with Gramma and Appa. These are a few of my favorite shots of the week.

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  1. Adorable! Glad the trip went well. We need to catch up soon. Luv ya. BTW not that my vote counts but I love Ivy and Star Light (minus Dot)