Friday, February 5, 2010

Another storm

This time we have an ice storm. Not so fun or pretty.  On the adoption front, we at least have some new picture to stare at. (Thanks families who took them for us) He is even cuter in these pictures, if thats at all possible.

I've been thinking a lot about traveling to Ethiopia lately. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.
I would consider us(including Adi) to be "well traveled" and by well traveled I don't mean cruises and resorts in the Caribbean. I mean weeks and months spent in under developed countries, sleeping in treacherous conditions, and months spent in the wilderness out in the elements. We have all spent time in Africa, so I don't think we will have initial culture shock.  But I am still a bit nervous about this.  We plan on taking Adi (who will be 2 1/2 and my mother in law. My Mother in law, Ama, will be in charge of Adi while we focus on Bay.  We have gotten some mixed feeling and opinions already on bringing Adi.   The reality is Andy and I have only spent 1 night away from Adi so far, and 2 nights apart since we've know eachother. We are that couple who just prefers to be together than apart.  Neither one of us wants to miss this and we can't really imagine not having Adi with us. So thats that. But I'm still nervous and would love advice from anyone who has done something similar.

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