Thursday, July 8, 2010

sweet days

                    It seems the dog days of summer have gotten the better of me, as I have been fairly absent in my updates on our sweet Belay and life as a family of four. We are living our days out in a dream pretty much! No on rushing off to work, days at a time of not getting in the car, BBQs with the neighbors, swimming pool play dates, and lots of work both inside and outside the house.
                Aside from the long hot summer days of learning to be parents of two, I've been filling the rest of my time studying for my nursing boards and training for my first triathlon.  Training could be more intense as I consistently choose to spend that extra hour in the morning drinking coffee and playing in the kids room with them. Studying could be more intense but I seem to be choosing to spend the extra hours at night after kids are in bed hanging out with Andy.
               Belay couldn't be doing better. Every day him and Adi play without fighting longer and longer. Today we even heard little giggles coming from the corner between the couches and under the side table to find them "hiding in the fort"  and attacking the cat together. They often conspire together and usually both end up in time out, but what else can you say for sibling bonding. Belay still loves his daddy more than any living, breathing, moving, thing in the world, but has been know to cry when I leave the house. He even runs across the room to snuggle in to my neck and give me a kiss smack on the lips to then immediately return to playing.

           Adi and her best friend Addi wearing their matching star floats
          Belay and Adi with their cousins on 4th of July

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