Friday, February 12, 2010


We got our court date assigned this morning. It will be feb 24th! only a week and half away.
Andy got the call while I was in class ( it was an optional class, and I opted to go , don't know why, guess I thought learning oncology would be easier if I wasn't teaching myself, but I would have learned more at home, ugg) I was so elated but couldn't celebrate cause I was stuck in a 4 hr class. By now I over the moon!

I am also trying not to get my hopes to high because it seems pretty impossible to pass ocurt the first time (although our coordinator told us it was a 50-50 chance) If we do pass we will then either travel for an Embassy Date in Ethiopia April 7th or April 21. Either way, BAY IS COMING HOME IN APRIL! (hopefully)
The week of April 7th would be superb because that is both Andy and my spring break.  It is the later date I am cutting it close.  Its not the time away Im worried about, its if I or the kids get sick on the way home, I will have to stick it out and go to school anyway for a few more weeks before I graduate.  We really thought there was no chance we'd be traveling in APRIL! but it shall work out how it needs to I guess. We can't plan life!

Hopefully so soon I can plaster this Blog with photos and videos of Bay and reveal his full name!

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