Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Adi Kenya

Today sweet Adi Kenya turned 2! Has is really been 2 years already?

Adi was born at 3:21 pm on a sunny, beautiful,cold, sunday.  The night before, around 10 pm my contractions began. It was a long night of tossing around in bed in what I thought was pain. By 9 am we headed to the hospital  .  By noon I thought I was gonna die, and by 3pm I was begging for an epidural. But by 3:21pm Adi came splashing into the world (it was a natural water birth)after 15 hr of labor. I swore, as I climbed out of the tub, that I'd never do it again, at least not without drugs. That was a lie, I wouldn't have done it any other way.
ok, i wanted to find a picture of Adi when she was first born, but this was the best I could do. can you tell whose who?
                                                          Ok, I found some

This day started by us waking her up singing happy birthday. She chimed right in and sang with us.
We have made a tradition(all of two years) of taking Adi to Toys R us on her birthday and letting her pick out a present. Last year, on her first birthday, she picked out an Elmo sleeper sofa. You know the kinds that fold out to be a bed with a sleeping bag, then fold back into a mini couch. It was the only thing in the store she wanted. This year...brace yourself...an Umbrella! yes, the child decided that of all the thousands of toys in the store, all the princess dolls, and dresses and jewels, she chooses an Umbrella. Grant it, it was a princess umbrella, but still. What 2 year old chooses an Umbrella? Well I guess she is practical, as my sister pointed out, "she'll be ready for spring."

The day ended by coming home to yes, you guessed it. NO POWER, for the 800th time this winter. We had fun playing with the umbrella with head lamps on. Adi was really excited to have her own head lamp on, but called it crown. The power was back on after not to long. And all in all Adi had a great day and sang herself to sleep.
February is a month of birthday in the Cross family. A lot of wonderful celebrating, and tomorrow we shall celebrate Apa (grampa).

Now, onto adoption.  Nothing new. Waiting, waiting waiting.  Waiting for a court date now. Its been one month since we accepted a referral and court dates typically assigned 6 weeks after. So we are hoping to hear soon of when that will be. We have now gotten 2 short videos, and a few new pictures. I really wish I could post them. Soon, I hope.  I can say that he is so cute, he smiled and waved to the camera. He is small too, but with big eyes and ears and lips, but a tiny nose.I miss him already.


  1. My daughter had been asking all year for an umbrella, so we got her one for her bday last June(7 years old)...she still loves it!
    Oh, the adoption waiting...

  2. Sharon, thats so funny! who would have thought and umbrella!