Tuesday, February 23, 2010

twas the night before court

tomorrow is the big day.  While we sleep our case to be Bay's official parents will be heard in Ethiopia and when we wake up we will either have good news or bad news... well bad news really could mean a number of things.  Some paper work could be missing, the right person might not show up etc. So in this case they would reschedule us for another day this week, or next week or possibly even next month. If and when we do pass court we are about 6 -8 wks from traveling to pick up our son!

So tonight I am praying hoping and wishing that we pass and are able to travel at a time that will work out for us all to be able to go. But I am also praying and thinking a lot about his mother and family. The impossible decision to give up this beautiful baby boy and the gift we are receiving.  We are by far the lucky ones in this arrangement.

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