Thursday, March 11, 2010

Court date 2

what is it gonna be... yes or no... we shall find out tomorrow.

Oh and we got thrown another curve ball, which hopefully won't effect us.  The ET government is deciding that families now need to be present for this court date, which means they need to travel twice.  Wow, that sure does change a lot of things. We should be "grandfathered in " because we already have a court date. There is no more info besides that.  My heart goes out to all those families who can no longer afford to pick up their children.

Just another day in international adoption. Who ever thinks its easier than pregnancy or child birth, think again!

So big prayers and well wishes and lots and lots of fingers crossed for us and the other families who have their second round of court tomorrow.


  1. HI Jane! I thought I would introduce myself, since I am blog-stocking you. My name is Lisa and we are going to court tomorrow too. It is our 2nd attempt too, we were scheduled with you in February. I wanted to wish you the best as you wait out the night for your phone call. Fingers crossed that we both have wonderful news to wake up to tomorrow!

  2. I know it's gonna be a YES! Can't wait to hear the news tomorrow. :)