Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mama Bear

I am ready for Belay to come home. I  am beginning to feel antsy and stressed about not being there for him.  We got an update and according to it he has lost weight. Now, I know that scales aren't accurate and each measurement may be different, but even with a pound or so discrepancy, it still means he hasn't gained much weight. I am beginning to feel like mama bear who can't be with her baby and this weight thing has set it off.  I know he is a peanut and I'm used to Adi who is a "good eater" to say the least. But I just want to know if I should be sending special formula over there or what. 
 I had a dream he was home with us the other night.  So I think I am just really getting ready to get my hands on this kid and hug hug hug him.  Adi is too, she "calls" him on the phone all the time and says that he is going to sleep in her bed with him. We still don't have a date to travel yet, but we were hoping to hear this week.  We are still thinking it will be first week of May but it would be nice to confirm and start getting ready. Honestly, we haven't done anything to prepare yet, we are just now working on shots.
The weather is hopefully taking a turn for the sunny but we had snow on Monday! ugh. Racing season is upon us and my first race is april 2nd. I haven't been able to train like I had planned between all the snow and freakishly cold winter we had and catching every virus and bacteria that comes my way.  But it has been feeling great to get off the treadmill and out of the gym.


  1. Where is the baby going to sleep? Between mama and papa bear?

  2. well adi thinks he is sleeping in the big girl bed, but mommy and daddy think he is gonna sleep in the crib. only time will tell

  3. Oh I know exactly how you feel!! We got a picture of our daughter in September that just made me cry and cry. She looked frail and week and sick. It was so hard. It caused me to go to Ethiopia a month before our embassy date just so that I could be with her and make her well again.