Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He's got personality...

An adoption world friend(shout of for brooke:) has her mother in Ethiopia now loving on all our kids and she just emailed me a wonderful update about our Belay.  He is moving around, crawling, smiles and has A LOT of personality.  Just what our family needs, I guess he needs it to get any attention around here:) He is small, as we know, but looks healthy. That fine, Ill take small and healthy any day!
Another friend (Here's your shout out Monica:) is going to take over some pictures of us to give to Belay when she travels in a few weeks to pick up her son. So he will know who his family is and what we look like. Plus it will give him something new to chew and slobber on!

Still waiting on a confirmation on our Embassy date to travel.  It looks like we managed to slide by the new ruling to travel twice.


  1. Can't wait to meet your little boy!! It is my privilege to introduce him to you! Hoping for a quick embassy date!

  2. He is so super cute!!! Congratulations!!!!!