Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I miss my dogs

I unpacked today.
It was hard, but necessary. I bought groceries too, enough for a week and a half.  But the kicker is going to be going to clinical tomorrow morning and seeing my classmates whom bid me farewell last week.

I also miss our dogs. Our two big dumb sweet mutts. They went to gramma's house on thursday and she didn't want to bring them back in case we did leave. Well, she probably  really DID want to bring them back,but you know what I mean. They can be a bit much at times, especially when you come home to see a 500 pg cook book eaten and strewed across the living room floor, or see that they have eaten an entire box of pancake mix and then drank a bucket of water to wash it down. What happens when you add water to dried mix, yup, it expands. Then you have to feed them hydrogen peroxide to make them throw it up and what finally does come up looks like you could add a little syrup and have a yummy breakfast( Mind you, these dogs are not puppys they are 3 and 4. Yet they continue to act that way and by doing so have worn their welcome out at every possible home in asheville except grammas) Anyways, I actually miss them. They are coming home tomorrow and I may have different feelings then.

We have tickets out of asheville a week from friday. At least this way we don't have the long long drive before and after a long long trip.

I really felt a peace in my heart last night after getting home and knowing there was a new plan, and talking with some other families who will be traveling with us.  It turns out a lot of us are on some of the same flights together. They are all also getting little boys, so it will be a fun group.  But I am sad now, sad that we aren't with Belay.  We should have been. What would that have felt like? what will it feel like?

On a positive, I am enjoying more time with just Adi. We played hard all day long today. It was rainy and cold, so we didn't go anywhere or see anyone, and it was nice.  She is growing up so fast. At dinner tonight she informed us she was too big for her booster seat and she will now sit on her knees on the chair and brother bay can have the booster. She also packed a bag full of clothes, slung it around her shoulder and marched to the door saying "I'm ready, lets go get brother bay". I guess now she just thinks every time we go to get him it turns into a fun adventure where she usually ends up with a new toy because she's been such a trooper, or watches dvds in the car on the way home.  Man is she in for a surprise when it really does happen.

So for now, we are unpacked, and settled back home trying not to think about traveling at all (yeah right!)

Ash Ash go away, don't come back another day. (oh please don't mess up our next trip)

here we were camped out at the airport attempt #2

And some shots  from our fun weekend to and fro atlanta (we managed to go the aquarium at least)
And saw this coming home one of the times (not sure which one)thought it was something I should take a picture of it. Yes it says 'Adi'

And a little baby shower that Andy's co workers threw for us. Andy is being forced by all those women he works with  to "show off " his gifts  like your supposed to at showers.
(I'm showing him how its done)                                                  Supposedly the best oil, "apply head to toe"


  1. Awesome pics! And the "showing" of the shower gifts is perfect. Just tell him he got a little sliver of "our" world! Adi is adorable in every way, btw.

  2. thinking of you and hoping this next week goes quickly....you will have a great travel group (not that this week's wasn't great, too ;) Glad that you are making the most of this time before you become a family of 4!

  3. I'm so sad you weren't in Ethiopia with us, but am a little envious that you're about to get on that plane! I love that you're enjoying this extra time with Adi. It's hard when that one-on-one time is gone (even though adding a second child is so worth it).
    xo Shelby