Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last days as a family of 3

Spring is here and I can't bear looking at snowing pictures anymore, so here is a refreshing new family photo for the title page

New Burn, NC. Grampa's Funeral. Adi with Mem and Apa
Easter. With the sudden news of traveling in 2 weeks, we decided to stay home and spend the day as a family of 3. Is was hard to say no to wonderful invites from our families, but we realized this day was the last "free" day with nothing to do as a family of 3 and with 2 busy weeks ahead of us we choose to lay in the sun at the lake and let Adi play all day. The weather was beautiful but it feels a little strange to have no leaves on the trees yet. Here we are enjoying our time with Adi before her and our lives change drastically. We even choose to forgo the nap!


  1. looks like the perfect way to spend such a pretty day :) 2 weeks...how exciting!!!

  2. Apa and Adi are awfully cute together, aren't they?