Thursday, July 29, 2010

Floyd Fest

Last weekend was our first camping trip with both kids. Adi is an old pro, but we weren't sure how Belay was gonna do. And they love it! We went to a music festival, floyd Fest, in the blue ridge mountains off the parkway in VA. It was our second year going and even better than the first.
The heat was bad, mainly due to the lack of shade and the camping was all on a slope, but everything else was perfect. Great music, headlined by the Levon Helm Band, beautiful mountains, lots of dancing and good friends.
We worried about if and how they were going to sleep.
 Yes, they slept. Yes, that is Belay under the stroller in the last photo, attemping to get him in some sort of shade.
Why is everyone shouting?
When fuzzy head falls into a pile of leaves and rolls around this is what happens.
My boys, looking less amused with my photography.
And my little tree hugger.


  1. So fun! I have been wanting to take my little guy camping but wasn't sure how he would handle it. You make it look so easy! Glad you had a great time.

  2. Either you guys had so much fun they were exhausted, or you had Benadryl left over from the ET trip...lol Glad you had a great time!

  3. Haha, you guys crack me up, no Benadryl needed( I don't think adi will ever be the same after all she got:)
    Sara- he'll do GREAT i know it, you gotta go. Just bring some extra blankets and make him a little pallet in the tent. As long as weather is not too cold it'll be great. They played with sticks and pretended they were cell phones the whole time, not a single other toy all weekend.