Monday, July 19, 2010

Tucka Tucka

I'm finding myself with a few quiet moments as the kids and Andy are all still sleeping. Poor Adi seems to have a summer bug and is pretty run down with a fever.  This is the first sickness that our house has seen since getting home and healthy after Ethiopia. And the reason for that is...Andy is not in school, I am not in school or at the hospital, Adi is not in school! So the trick is, no socializing and we all stay healthy!!!

Aside from Adi being sick, my sweet babies couldn't be better. It has been over 2 months home now and I am seeing what I hoped to see a few months from now.  The way they have adjusted to each other can often bring me to tears.  Yesterday Belay (who still only says "hi" "mamma" and  "dada") leaned into Adi and gave her a huge lip puckered kiss right on the lips and I heard Adi whisper back to him "I love you too Bay." How did she know that that kiss meant "I love you?" I don't know, but she did.

While Belay only has a few words he still manages to communicate perfectly with us through nods, points and the different sounds he makes. Also him and Adi, and I hear this is common with twins, seem to have their own language. It stems from the babbles of Belay but Adi will talk right back to him and they both understand it.  The main vocabulary words consist of "tucka tucka."  One might say my 2 1/2 yr old with a vocabulary of thousands and who has spoken in full sentences for a year now is regressing now that she likes to say "tucka tucka " all time. We're hoping its a phase. And while we do at times worry about Belays language development, I think it must be common for young toddler adoptions. I guess we have a little while before we start panicking.  

Belay is just shy of 17 pounds. I have no idea the inches he has grown, but his feet and legs are pressed way up against the back of the seat in the car since he is still in the rear facing  infant "bucket" seat. They say to have your child in the upright front facing car seats they have to be 20 pounds but he is beginning to hate the car and what 16 month old with 9 teeth sits like an infant? So hopefully soon he will get his "big boy seat" like Adi's and car trips can become pleasant again, relatively speaking of course.

In other news, my first triathlon was yesterday. And I had to say "first" because there will be others!
 It was great, and my number one fans were all there. My mom and dad came to watch and they haven't seen me race since high school . I think it brought them right back to circa 1998.

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  1. Nice work on the triathalon! And I l.o.v.e. the story of Belay kissing Adi...cuteness.