Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A moment for my girl

 Today you were difficult! From 3:30 am when you first woke up until 8:00 pm when I was begging you to go to bed, you were difficult. You tested my patients, you threw a marker at my nose, you made me insane today.
Now I know, when the going gets tough, I get crabby.  While I'm praying for a goodnight sleep for us all and a better day tomorrow I got to end tonight with the greatest joy a mother can have. As I brought you back to bed for the third time this evening, you turned to me and whisper (so as to not wake your brother) "will you rock with me?"So we rocked and within moments you were fast asleep in my arms, and I kept rocking for a long time. Holding my first baby girl in my arms while she sleeps is a joy I will never get enough of. I love you sweet Adi. Thank you for making me a stronger person every day.


  1. Being a Mommy is not for the faint at heart, but it makes "those moments" that much sweeter!

  2. awww...those moments make everything else better, don't they? Glad you got to end your day on a good note. :)

  3. Oh Jane, you make me want to be a mom.

  4. T- It is the greatest thing you will ever do
    (and you should remind ME of that often:)