Sunday, February 20, 2011

big boy's looking sharp

It was time. Bitter sweet as first hair cuts always are. They will inevitably make your baby look like a big kid. First Adi with her bangs and now Belay with his fade.

We made a family event out of it, obviously.  But it may turn into a "boy date" (term coined by Adi) as the trips continue.  We had grand plans of having a dreddy two year old, but this two year old still has some baby fuzzy hair. So he may be a dreddy four year old now?

The process began with tying Belay into the seat with a smock. Then with a threat that if big boy didn't behave his entourage would be banished. Aunt Nikki and honorary big sis Whitney came along for moral support. Lucky we were at the Barbers not a salon because big boy will listen to a man and throw sad help me eyes at a women.

So Baron it was. 
He got picked out, sprayed, buzzed, sheened, and talc'd.

He was a champ. Almost no tears from him, but a lot of snot. His entourage on the other hand didn't fare so well.

Our baby is a big boy and all it took was a fade!

Baron told big boy that when he's 9 we can go ahead and drop him off for the day. Oh my, will that day be here soon?
In the mean time I will chase him around the house trying to get "after shots"



  1. oh my goodness, he IS a big boy! wow. i am not ready for this over here, even though we battle the baby fuzzy hair as well. SO stinkin' cute! (P.S Miss you on fb, but glad to see that you're posting pics of the little ones over here often!)