Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Belay's First Sentence

50* days and trips to the park in February, I'll take it.

Belay in all his two year oldness, I'll leave it.

Well I guess thats not fair is it? Not when he jsut said his first whole sentence.
"Adi, GO AWAY"!

How do you put him in time out for his first sentence? It took every thing for Andy and I to not bust out laughing as hard as we could.

 See it happened when me and B were having a snuggle in bed. Adi lately has not been ok with missing these snuggles. So she shoved herself right in between to two of us.

So while Belay needs to learn to share mama, sometimes its ok for him to have me all to himself.


  1. I have the feeling that is the first of many survival sentences for Mr. B! He's grown so much!!