Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Its a big month around these parts. 7 out of 10 of us (on Andy's side) celebrate birthdays in February. Me and Belay remain out casts. Today Andy turns 32 (but Adi is convinced he's 42 and I let it go:)
and cousin Maya turns 5.
5 years ago we got a phone call at 11:45 pm to let Andy know he now has to share not only with the groundhog, but also with a sweet little girl. How will he even compete with that you ask? He doesn't even try.

I am not only lucky to have married such a dapper man born on this day, but I am also lucky to be sitting on my front porch with a lukewarm cup of " I'm getting sick and  trying desperately not too"concoction, wrapped in a blanket, watching my monsters throw cups of stagnant water scooped from the broken wheel barrel at each other. The sun in shinning, its 45* in February, we are outside for the first time in months.
Oh, wait, now it's 45* in February and the kids are soaking wet, this won't end well.
Happy Birthday and welcome to the birthing month.

On another note, Belay is starting to do things that make sense.  Sense to him and sense to me may not be the same but none the less I am expected to behave. For instance, I walked into his room this evening only to be chased out while"shooshing" me, finger on lip and everything. All I could see was a pile of blankets on the floor but upon closer examination I saw that He had tucked his fire truck into bed and making sure I was quite so as not to wake the truck.

 He is learning,some how some way, we are teaching this sweet boy.  He even sang the "too you" part of Happy birthday, on repeat to Andy.

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