Thursday, February 10, 2011

My birthday girl turns 3

My sweet Adi,

     How can it possibly be true that you were born 3 years ago at 3:20pm on a sunny but cold Sunday afternoon? I never thought we would get past the first hour when I came crawling out of the birthing tub swearing that I would NEVER do that again. Or that second hour of excruciating  placenta birthing? Or that third hour of contractions as I tried to get you to latch on. Or that fourth hour of....well you get the point. Those days were long, those weeks were long. Even that first year when we begged and pleaded you to just sleep, even if it was for an hour on your own. But then 18 months turned into 2 years and we flew you to Africa with us to pick up your brother.  You were a big sister, and no longer our little baby. Now please tell me where the last year has gone?

I could handle 2, It was nice to say I had a 1 and 2 year old. I had babies still. But no, not now. Now I have a 3 year old.  A preschooler, not even a toddler. My fridge is littered with your art work. You don't really like sippy cups anymore (not that I'm complaining). Not only do you dress yourself every morning (well that's been going on for as long as you had the grabbing reflex) but you also dress your brother every morning. You speak fluently,read non stop, play hard, and we are pretty sure you think Belay is actually one of your possessions.  And of course, your first real hair cut, done by yours truely. What is it about 3 year old girls with bangs, does it get any cuter?

Your kindness shines, your love of this life is untouchable. You have grown into this funny little girl whom I can have full conversations with.  When your daddy comes home from work you ask his if he had a fun day at school.  You've also asked him is he gets sad to leave school everyday like you do. There are so many things to write about, sweet Ads. Like how you and your uncle Tim have such a sweet connection, or how important all of your family is to you. Your love is contagious and I am a better person for it.
I love you sweet Adi Kenya.
Happy Birthday.

Maybe I should add that this is the third year in a row you have been sick on your birthday, third year in a row you haven't eaten the cute cake I've made for you, third year in a row you've passed out early on your big night. Here's rootin for #4!!

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