Monday, March 7, 2011

Funny things my kids say and my new love

Crock Pot why has it taken me until my 29th year to own one of you? I cannot believe what I've been missing out on. I just made a pulled pork BBQ plate for dinner. It tasted like it does at restaurants. I still can't beileve it! Not only is it amazing to be done making dinner at 10:30 am, but it actually tastes good too. We have months of one pot dinners ahead of us!!

Okay now onto the funny kids. 

The 2 cutest words I hear in my day, that are way to cute to correct and they may hate me when they get to middle school for it are ..."Yide" and "Carpedge". Now i'm not sure if my spelling is correct but can anyone guess what they mean?
Belay's word is Yide instead of slide. As in he wants to go yiding at the park.
Adi's word is carpedge is stead of carriage, as in "cinderella and her magic carpedge"
Yide is just so darn cute and carpegde, really? It's just plain genius and am guessing it comes from magic carriage/ magic carpet combo.

And finally, just as funny but probably should be corrected, this is how last night went.

I hear Adi yelling at Oakland (one of the dogs, who happens to have anxiety and constantly licks the carpet)
I ask her to repeat herself.
I ask her to repeat herself again cause I couldn't believe my ears.
But sure enough three times in a row I heard
"Oakland stop licking the Damn carpet!"
I have no idea where she learned that, probably her dad.


  1. A boy in my class told me today that when he grows up he wants to be a "shelf". It took me a good five minutes to figure out that he wants to be a CHEF. Oh, and he is only planning on making pancakes. I love little things like this :) You tell Adi that I'll get her a damn carpedge.

  2. OMG my dog obsessively licks the carpet too! It drives me INSANE and is kinda embarrassing when people are over. So glad to hear he is not the only freak out there.

    Livy also requested mac and cheese and broccoli as her birthday dinner when she turned three. I am totally serious - she and Adi may be soul mates.