Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Belay

 2 years ago today Belay took his first breath.  We didn't see it, we weren't there. But it still happened.

Birthdays are, for most, a day of celebration and memories. The exact moment of birth, the weight and length of the baby, the weather outside, the very first breath your baby takes. These are moments parents don't forget about the day their kids were born.

                 Opening his present from us, a spider man tee shirt. Look how happy his is.

Adi has blessed us with all these moments.   

But today is Belay's birthday, or so we were told. 2 years ago today Belay was born from the womb of a child.  Does she remember all those moments? What was the air like that day, was the sun shining? How big was he? was he premature?What did his little face look like the moment he took his first breath and opened his almond eyes?

We will never have these memories of Belay's birth.  We can not tell him about the day he was born. His birthday does not have the same meaning for us as Adi's does. It can't. We weren't there.  He wasn't born from my womb.  No matter how many details we can scrape together about his birth, it will never be the same.

Even though we don't have these moments, they were still very much there. We can't say whether or not that day was joyful or painful for her.  Was there peace in her heart for the life she created? Or was she filled with fear on how she was going to feed him as well as herself?    

Today a girl in Ethiopia is heavy on my heart and in my mind.  The courage it took for her to give us this gift of life is something I haven't ever known.

This little boy of mine has brought me happiness, joy, the occasional headache, but mainly love. 

We love you so much  Belay!  So much that we actually let you sleep in Adi's bed with her tonight. 

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